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Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on recently …

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Diabolical Episode 210

Next week I shoot as Detective Margaret Eidit …


Wegman’s Training Video

My first Bilingual Spanish/English commercial.

Mysteries at the museum

My debut episode playing Jolly Jane - one of history’s most notorious serial killers.

Le Gruyere aop

TV Pilot - Fluff

This poor mom … ;)


Stripped Scripts® sell out production of aaron posner’s Stupid Fucking Bird

July 2018 @ The Plaxall Gallery

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Modelling for holding spaces by adrian broom @ The mark twain house

One of my primary draws to acting is the opportunity & privilege holding space for a great breadth of different people that live lives vastly distinct from my own.

Whether it’s for an historical figure or fictional one it’s the same magic of getting to bring to (or back to) life another’s journey. A chance both for me to understand experiences outside my own by exploring a life through their lens and to use this ‘space holding’ as a vehicle through which to connect to an audience in the place where my personal life experience intertwines with the character's.

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Vice wins Best narrative short at the ojai film festival

A short film I was in by Kieron Barry playing Jay O. Sander’s secretary.